How does an old fashioned Dracula cope with the fact that because of pop culture’s new vampires, he’s no longer scary?

He vows to become cool, that’s how!  Waking up from 100 years of slumber, “Drake the Cool Vampire” features a classical Dracula in modern society.  Upon realizing the world has been inundated with new vampires that are much more scary and sinister, he must learn the secrets these modern vampires have.  He must become Drake, the “cool” Vampire in the modern sense.

But what’s worse, his castle has been turned into a rickety amusement park run by a sassy, business minded woman.  Drake’s old school European personality clashes with her attempts to put him to work and hinders his mission to regain his position as the prince of darkness.

In these tales of folly, his only companions are the few supernatural characters left in the world.  A rickety Skeleton with no lower jaw is his silent confidant, and a grumpy old vampire also from the days of old, Nosferatu.  Their adventures will mimic and satirize modern vampire stories.